Disadvantages of Being a Designer

Being a designer, you might be having a good stable job and flexible working hours and the job pays you good as well. You can work from home even and from anywhere else, but this is also a disadvantage because you have to work all the time. Even if you are on a holiday and you are assigned to design a brand for the new product, you have to work because if you are working for a brand it means that you are working for a big company and big companies don’t wait. This also means that you have no fixed hours, yes, being a designer means that your Mondays will be worth going because you can go to office any time you want but your weekend nights can be busy at home making a logo or struggling to find a new idea for any design.

Being a full-time designer can be very stressful because you will be continuously finding new ideas and brain storming this much can cause you anxiety, panic attacks and different problems with the blood pressure. There are many schools of arts where there are proper hospitals because designers get a flood of ideas and when they can’t note it down the blackout and they immediately have to rushed to the hospitals. That is why they have experienced doctors on standby. If you are a designer, you are either paid a lot for doing small amount of work and that happens when you are very experienced. But if you are an underdog in this field, people will pay you less and give you a lot of work.

Either you are an experienced designer or a new designer, clients will always make room for criticism. For example, you are working on a design or a mega project and you have been working on it for months and you believe that you have done your best. And you have verified from different designers and they have approved your work and when you submit the work to the client, he/she doesn’t like it or asks you to make changes, then it can be very stressful and even some get dishearten as well. This also effects on your reputation, because if you did a mega project and that was approved and published, you can become the talk of the town.