Top uses of zinc stearate

Zinc stearate contains stearic acid that is useful for many things. It comes in a powder form, which is very silky and white. Here are some properties of zinc stearate

  • Under the high-temperature zinc, stearate becomes more stable
  • It is insoluble in alcohol, water, and other ethers
  • It resists water and provides better stability
  • It acts as the best separating agent
  • It also acts as a zinc supply, which is beneficial for many things

Dust-free stearate:

Another great thing about zinc stearate is it also helps as dust-free stearate and provides the following advantages

  • Easy to transport from one place to another
  • Cleaner handling
  • It has a constant apparent density
  • It has customized particle size

Uses of zinc stearate

Zinc stearate is used for any application that we are going to discuss below.


One of the uses of zinc stearate is it helps to make rubber as it has the great reaction of polyolefin with sulfur. It also acts as an antiacid and makes sure the stability of color in rubber. This stearic acid provides prevention against corrosion.


Cosmetic products are another great use of zinc stearate. Zinc stearate is used as a thicker lubricant in cosmetic products and ensures to hold oily elements in such things. There are many makeup products where zinc stearate plays a crucial role like eye shadow, lipstick, facemasks, eyeliner, foundation creams, and face powders.

Powder for playing cards: 

  • Zinc stearate is also used as a powder in playing cards. 
  • It helps to slide cards more easily on the desks. 
  • Magicians use this powder for performing magic in casinos. 
  • Zinc stearate has a great degree of fineness, which helps to reduce scratches of cards and makes their handling easy during games.

Paints and vanishers: 

As we know that zinc stearate has transparent properties, which makes it important for paint and vanishing products. It has excellent dispersal capability that helps to seal imperfect surfaces. Also, it provides great protection to paint from moisture and water-repelling properties.

Color addictive and plastics: 

Zinc stearate is used in the plastic industry for many applications. Here are the following uses of zinc stearate in plastic.

  • It helps as a pigment dispersant in plastic
  • Companies use zinc stearate as a lubricant to bring stability to PVC
  • It also used in glass applications

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