Traveling to different countries is a great idea. Traveling in the older days from country to country was easy. It will be had for you to believe that the airports were small and that is why there was very less security checks. People were innocent back then but some vile people took advantage of this facility and the innocence of people and they exported and imported some really bad things and that is why now the security on airports is so tough. But that does not mean that we cannot travel again, it is still easy unless and until you don’t have anything suspicious.

According to different traveling and touring stats, the most visited country is now Canada. There was a time when people wanted to travel to United States for business and visits and touring but now Canada has become the most loved country. If you are planning to have a Canada visa from Abu Dhabi, then we suggest that you read some of our weird facts about Canada. So, go here and keep reading about those facts;

The flag: Canada became a known country in February 15, 1965 and the weird fact is that its national flag came into existence 100 years from now. Who has been planning for Canada!

Canada and Mars: some parts of Canada are on mars as well. you must be thinking that it is a joke but on mars, there is a crater that is named before the town of Gander and that is in Newfoundland. And that was done in honor of efforts done in space while doing research work.

Eh: this is an interjection that is said in various ways and, in various conditions and situations and the funny and weird fact is that the Canadians say it so much that it has been added at the official Canadian dictionary.

The huge loonie: the royal Canadian mint at one point made a huge loonie that was made up of 99.9 percent gold and it was worth more than 1 million dollars.

Santa: if you want to get a letter from Santa than write a letter in any language and sent it to this address ‘North Pole H0H 0H0, Canada’ and you will get a letter back from Santa no matter in which country you are.