Many schools of Europe and Asia have conducted a survey in order to find out the qualities of a good teacher that distinguish him from a bad teacher. Every teacher has his own specialties.

What are the traits of a good teacher?

Most of the educationist believes that professionalism is the best trait of a teacher and a good teacher is also known for his knowledge about his subject and his competence. The good relation between teacher and student also plays an important role in the character building of a student so that’s why a teacher is   builder of the nation. A good teacher always strengthens the confidence of his student.

Does a teaching tool can replace a teacher?

We cannot define the qualities of a good teacher in words like his love for his student, he always motivates his student. Any good software or any other good teaching tool cannot replace a good teacher. There are many countries who are offering jobs to teachers on international level e.g. for a physics teacher Dubai is a hub of jobs, biology teachers can find jobs in Europe etc

 An emotional connection of  teacher with his students:

There are some teachers in every student life who are truly respected by their students. Teacher is the only person after parents who see something special in his student; even there are some teachers in every student life with whom a student share his deepest secrets. A good teacher always shows his concern about his student. A smile and a good sense of humor of a teacher helps a student to start a good relation with his teacher. Teaching skills of a good teacher always gain the attention of a student. Great teachers can easily handle whole class with their skills. You can find more info about the qualities of good teachers on different websites.

 Every student feels himself loved in the class of a good teacher:

In a class of a hardworking teacher every student feels comfortable and good. Every student feels himself special and loved in the class of a good teacher. A good teacher always helps his student whenever he needs help. If a student always wants to share his problems and difficulties with his teacher in order to feel good so this thing shows the greatness of a good teacher.